Day trip course
Enjoy a little vacation at this quiet hotel by Kurama River, amidst the mountains of Kurama

Day trip course
Full use of all facilities including open-air bath and indoor grand bath

Open-air bath
Adults 2,500 yen
Children (4 - 12 years) 1,600 yen

  • Open-air bath "HOUROKU-YU" and indoor grand bath (standard bath, bubble bath and sauna)
  • Face towel, bath towel and yukata
  • Use of the lounge on the second floor, with TV and cotton blankets
      Indoor grand bath and sauna                      Lounge 
    Yukata, face towel and bath towel are part of the package

Open-air bath course
One-time use of our open-air bath "HOUROKU-YU"

Open-air bath
Adults 1,000 yen
Children (4 - 12 years) 700 yen
  • You may bring your own towel, or rent a bath towel for 400 yen; face towels are available for purchase at 300 yen each
  • There are separate baths for men and for women
  • Includes use of a locker (requires a 100-yen coin), shower, soap, shampoo and hair dryer
Entrance of the open-air bath

Open-air bath in winter

Natural sulphur hot spring and open-air bath
520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1111
TEL: +81-75-741-2131 / FAX: +81-75-741-2375
Open: 10:30 -(last admission 20:20)21:00 (The bath closes at(last admission 19:20)20:00 during winter)
Meal orders: 11:30 - (L.O 19:45) Closes 20:45
Open 365 days (please ask us about the Kurama Fire Festival, which is held on October 22 every year)
Parking lot for 60 cars (if you intend to drive here in a minivan or large car, please notify us in advance)

Please note that children still wearing diapers are not allowed in the bath.

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